Cristóbal Donaire, BALCRIS

Balcris is an artist hailing from Santiago, Jerez. From an early age, he developed his own avant-garde style characterised by the fusion of traditional, Andalusian motifs and bold, modern designs. His inquisitive nature eventually led him to explore the world of ceramics, a venture which yielded a wide spectrum of works instilled with his very own essence.

Balcris’ latest undertaking is that of leathercraft. He locally sources his materials in the mountains of Cádiz, where tanning is performed according to centuries-old methods. Using leather as his canvas, he plays with both colour and texture to give each piece its own signature look and feel.

Being 18 years old, he started wrking in Málaga, Madrid and New York. On his return, in search of light and color, he decided to move to Sevilla where he found inspiration in the world of bullfighting after attending a bullfight by Francisco Rivera. There is where his famous collection “Tauromaquia” started, full of portatraits of bullfighters which now are in many collections around the world. Other collections such as “Blue”, abstract compositions compressing marine naked. He painted other two collections: one of them inspired by Lorca poems, the gypsy culture and flamenco “Lorca Poems” and more: “Stones”, “Suit nº4”, “Success”…


+34 954 561 639


Calle de Placentines 1 (Seville)